• 4 November, 2013

    Cartonajes Mora within the Container Pool System Logifruit

    This system allows control of the container throughout its lifecycle, ensuring that it is not to be disposed in irresponsibly and polluting way, and when deteriorated, it is recycled together with materials of the same origin and quality.
  • Reduces the storage space.
  • Reducesá costs for all members.
  • Environmental strategy of the European Union.
  • Optimizes logistics, minimizing environmental impact.

Container Pool System Logifruit

The rental system of reusable containers provides many logistical advantages: it reduces the storage space, enables standardization and improves conservation of the product because it is a strong container that can be stacked without damaging the contents. It also prevents investment in packaging by the producer / packer. All this leads to a significant reduction of costs for all members of the supply chain.

Reusable packaging system is part of the environmental strategy of the European Union based on the three Rs: reduction (CO2), reuse and recycling.

The rental system of reusable containers reduces costs to producers in the supply chain and optimizes logistics, minimizing environmental impact.

Environmental Benefits.

Scientific studies (Fraunhofer Institute and University of Stuttgart, March 2009) endorse the environmental advantages of returnable plastic containers over other types of single-use containers:

  • 49% lower potential of gas emission with greenhouse effect
  • 33% less ozone depletion potential
  • 46% less potential for summer smog
  • 69% lower acidification potential (contribution to acid rain)
  • 78% lower eutrophication (contribution to the over-fertilization)
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