• 20 April, 2011


    Cartonajes Mora offers technology for manipulation of OLFACTORY labels.


The advantages of scented packaging are that consumers are smelling the product without opening it,  it has more information against the competition, acts as a permanent reminder, establishes a lasting relationship with the brand and increases the chances of a second purchase.

Many people in supermarkets open creams to try them. Companies would not have to throw out these damaged units using this type of packaging.

Special points of interest:

  • The consumer smells the products  without having to open it.
  • there is a possibility to print these codes at random.
  • technology for the handling of labels.


To make a consumer choose a product and not another, it is necessary to provide it with values that go beyond their utility area, values such as safety and proximity. The real power of the brand is to be a differentiator element, aim to which holograms contribute actively. Thus, holograms become more familiar distinctive, an closer DNA, visible to the naked eye and transmitter of value, security and confidence to their customers.

In terms of increase security, holographic labels with high-security coding called "hedgers" do not detect these crimes. That, coupled with the fact that it is impossible to duplicate a hologram with a scanner, by a conventional  system photocopy or optical reproduction, makes they are absolutely safe.

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