• 20 April, 2011

    RFID (identification chip) random alphanumeric code.

    Cartonajes Mora offers technology for the handling of RFID tags.

RFID tags

La lectura es inequívoca para cada artículo, no necesita contacto visual y es multitarea, es decir, permite la lectura de varios artículos al mismo tiempo; otras ventajas respecto a métodos existentes serían la rapidez, mayor precisión, incremento de la cantidad de información gestionada, mayor versatilidad de uso, etc.

The reading is unambiguous for each item, there is not needed eye contact and it is multitasking, i.e., it allows reading of multiple items at the same time. Speed, more precision, increase of the amount of managed information, greater versatility of use, etc. are other advantages over existing methods.

Random alphanumeric code (antiresale and anticounterfeit code)

The random coding offers many advantages: each kit offered for sale is unique and it cannot be forged without to be detected. The codification is formed by fifteen random and unrepeatable digits, the generated database for each manufacturing allows to detect counterfeits.

This type of encryption is used in promotions: if the final consumer wants to aim for the promotion, he must send a proof of purchase by sms or by internet to the manufacturer, which checks the authenticity of this code in his database and so he can detect counterfeit or reject scams.

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