• 15 November, 2013

    The Cluster of the Valencian Printing Industry presents the video “Graphic Industry Present and Future”.

    On Friday 25 October took place presentation of the video “Graphic Industry: Present and Future”.

This event, organized by the Cluster of the Printing Industry of Valencia was attended by senior representatives of business organizations in the sector, Asoagval,  President of CIGCV  Mr  Ramon Simon, ,Mr Jaime Pujol and President of CEV Mr Salvador Navarro.

The main objective of the video is to spread the printing industry in all its aspects. It features a double complementary objective: first, to show the immensity of the graphic arts, present throughout our environment and daily life and on the other hand, describe the main printing techniques used today.

In recent years, the viability of some sub-sectors of the printing industry was called into question. It is true that we have witnessed a major transformation of the sector, staff realignment, and even closure of some companies.

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